About Us

Wads was founded at the end of 2018, with the goal of making it easy for people to buy the products they love with their cryptocurrency. We strongly believe in the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to revolutionize the way financial assets are governed around the world.

Wads is the first service to issue virtual credit cards (VCC) in exchange for cryptocurrency. Our service offers cryptocurrency owners a fast, simple, and cost-efficient way to make purchases at their favorite stores.

We plan to launch our Google Chrome Extension this Spring 2019. When a user is finished shopping, this extension will provide our users a convenient way to quickly exchange their cryptocurrency for a virtual credit card – that can then be used at checkout.

Wads is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is currently the second largest banking hub in the United States, and we hope to position ourselves as an emerging leader in the growing financial technology industry.


To accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and decentralized technology by developing products consumers can trust.